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What Is A Stretch Ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components – a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track. In addition to ceilings, the system can be used for wall covering, light diffusing, floating panels, exhibitions and creative shapes.


Our fabric material is a 0.2mm thick PVC Based, fully recyclable Stretch Membrane. The material comes in a vast array of colors and finishes including matte, satin, high gloss and  translucent. for lighting diffuseness and back lighting options. The material can be printed, is entirely waterproof, washable and impermeable to vapor/water. The material is maintenance free, hygienic, non toxic and is fire rated to the equivalency Class A in the United States..

The lightweight sheets are purpose made from roll material to form to any shape and size, typically up to 539 square feet. Each panel is ultrasonically welded with a “Harpoon edge” which clips into the track.

Stretch ceilings allow the incorporation of all types of light fixtures, and fixing points by the use of a proprietary support system.  

More About Stretch Ceilings

Every stretch ceiling is unique

Our designers and Installers have over 18 years experience, working with the most sophisticated customers. By creating multiple levels, adding LED lighting and combining different color and textures,  Galantis will create the most unique of ceilings, guaranteed to satisfy your individual taste. 

Why Galantis Is The Best Choice

  • At Galantis, our product/s are made in the USA and locally stocked.
  • Over 200 finishes to choose from.
  • Customers can send us any photo for ceilings or walls.
  • NO NEED to remove messy/expensive popcorn ceilings. We suspend the new stretch surface with installation complete in one day for about the same cost to remove.  No moving of furniture, mess or wait time.
  • Our vinyls STOP water damage, saving your home or office from unnecessary expense, time and aggravation.

Galantis offers numerous full and partial wall textures, finishes and images.  We can recreate customer’s favorite photos for ceilings and walls. Just send us a pic!

Reviews from our clients

Alexey did our master bedroom closet just perfect with professional attitude, attention to details and very fast. He recommended the color combination and materials, also structural details; closet turned out beautiful and ergonomic. We are happy both with quality and price wise.

Just had my master bedroom and secondaries done over the weekend. I couldn’t be any more happy. It only took one day, no messy complications, excellent price and the best part… this company is very reliable. I definitely recommend them for any job you might have.

Great service! Galantis staff were very friendly, professional and fast. Love our new ceilings.

I love my new ceiling, super fast and no mess !

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